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  • Attack On Titan Review

    The world of Attack on titan is a grim one. Humanity has been living behind giant walls which serve as a deterrent against the titans, which are giant man-eating monsters. The 1st episode sets up the seemingly simple premise. Humans, good. Titans, bad. Our protagonist Eren Yaegar is given the motive to eradicate the scourge of titans, through a […] More

  • Seth’s Curse In Radiant (EXPLAINED)

    Radiant is a 2018 Japanese anime series that is based on French author known as Tony Valente’s comic book series Radiant. This book was published in Japan by Asukashinsha. As for summary- The story follows the main protagonist known as Seth. He is in search of the Radiant in order to defeat all the monsters known […] More

  • Top 5 Anime with Shocking Twists (Best Recommendations)

    hen I watch a new anime, I look for shocking twists to grab my attention. I think it adds more drama and vibrancy to the story. It is an efficient tool that aids in keeping my attention. The shock value can be in the form of a character or the plot itself. I’m more partial […] More

  • Vegeta’s New Form in Dragon Ball Super, Is it Ultra Instinct Vegeta?

    A lot of you must be thinking if it really is possible. Will there really be Vegeta’s new form in Dragon Ball Super manga. And, if there will be then, when? All your questions are going to get answered in this article. so make sure you read it. Note that this post includes strong spoilers […] More

  • Tanjiro’s Forehead Scar and his Hanafuda Earrings

    If you were keen while watching Demon Slayer, You might have noticed that Tanjiro’s forehead scars and Hanafuda earrings. Now what does that mean, what does it signify? Tanjiro’s father has also given him his Hanafuda earrings. Those earrings have become symbolic to Tanjiro. But What is it’s true origins, does it have some power. […] More

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